At our Lexus dealership near Davis and Elk Grove, you can find some of the most exciting luxury vehicles on the market. We are starting to see the 2022 Lexus lineup arrive at our shop, and you will not want to miss out on what these options have to offer.

The New Lexus ES

If you are looking for a dynamic daily driver, a new Lexus ES is the choice for you. These are sedans that focus on comfort, reliability, and smooth driving experiences. The new Lexus ES features long lines and aerodynamic curves throughout the body to make it look as fast as it feels. You can find the new Lexus ES in a range of styles, including the new Lexus ES 300h and Lexus ES 350.

The New Lexus NX

For those that need that daily efficiency while still getting some added functionality, the new Lexus NX is the way to go. Customers will love this luxury SUV for its interior comfort and dynamic performance. The new Lexus NX models are built to output enough horsepower and torque for any daily drive. That is just the start of what a new Lexus NX has to offer.

The New Lexus RX

A new Lexus RX will maximize that SUV functionality while looking outstanding from every angle. Inside, you get a range of premium materials and innovative features. A new Lexus RX can even offer an infotainment center that measures up to 12.3-inches. That will make handling media, navigation, and safety features much easier while on the road.

Find Your New Lexus in Sacramento Today

Customers in the Woodland and Citrus Heights areas have chosen our dealership because of our luxury options. You can now get that same level of quality with a brand-new model. Visit us today to shop and test drive one of these new Lexus options.

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