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The ES series of sedans has been a mainstay of Lexus’ brand since their launch in 1989. It was, and continues to be, an innovative car design that puts luxury in the hands of otherwise untapped audiences. This innovation has not stopped with the latest version of the ES350. For 2019, Lexus has revamped the ES350 from the wheels up, making their dedication to innovation clear.

The current ES350 has been recently re-styled. It has modern, clean aesthetics that turn heads in ways that you want; it’s subtle, but still gets you noticed. The front grille, departing from the hard angles of its many imitators, has a sweeping elegance that nods to the car’s luxury.

The base model ES, in either hybrid or a V6, is a sensible commuter; but it’s fun enough to drive that you’ll want to on the weekends as well. Add the Luxury package, and you’ll find the front seats are heated and ventilated, the wipers come on by themselves in the rain, and the trim is graced with wood accents.

If you need a sedan but also want to get to where you need to go in a hurry (or let’s be honest, you just like speeding through town), the F model has slightly more aggressive styling than other ES350s. For one, there is an interior package that has sportier pedals and a sleek red leather option to accent the racing-inspired dash and black leather steering system. On the performance end, the F model comes with larger wheels, a rear spoiler, dampening, and a slightly stiffer suspension for better cornering.

Still not satisfied? Some of these same sport features, namely the spoiler and the dampening, carry over into the ultra-luxury trim level. This trim level is one of the most innovative, beautiful cars, packed with amenities and sporting an elegant look and feel. On the inside, you still get the wood accented trim and a sun shade in the rear for the comfort of passengers; but this trim level also adds a hands-free trunk release, allowing you to open and close the trunk with the wave of a foot, as well as chassis dampeners and pristine leather seating.

Overall, the ES line represents a group of vehicles meant to satisfy a variety of owners. For the gas-conscious, the hybrid models offer the same luxury at only a slight performance cost. Otherwise, the base model ES is a capable sedan, only complimented by its styling. The F models offer a truly quick car that still maintains comfort, and the ultra-luxury trim level of the ES350 gives the best of the Lexus line: speed, sport, comfort, and luxury.

If you are interested in checking out this luxurious, innovative vehicle, then you should definitely visit us at Lexus of Sacramento to give one of these a test-drive. The new ES350 have so many inventive features that are best appreciated behind the steering wheel. Be sure to contact us, and we will help to arrange a time for you to drive your dream car.

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